Founded by Antonia Stankova in 2015.
VAN LEER is meant for everybody who loves leather goods.


I'm a handbag- & shoe designer.I run my own atelier/shop "VAN LEER" where I provide knowledge & services & give workshops about leather craftsmanship.





Fully equiped open workspace where I create all my designs and give workshops. 

All machines can also be rented, so if you want to create something yourself, just make an appointment. 


On saturday you can walk by to buy my handmade bags and accessories. Would you like a customized bag or design?
I’ll make you the design you like. 

Are you in search of beautiful leather or small supplies like buckles, buttons, …
We have multiple things in stock or deliverable in just a few days. 


Besides bags and accessories, I also make all sorts of leather products for companies. Almost anything is possible. 

You can find some collaborations I did over the past months here.